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Derek Lee Ragin

Derek Lee Ragin


  1. I really hope you will perform again in NYC in 2017! Your fans love you!!! My sister and I saw you live, twice – once in Peekskill, and again at the Guggenheim Museum. Looking forward to hearing you perform again!!!

  2. Hello Mr Ragin,
    I wanted to tell you about hearing you in Kansas City, I believe, many years ago (I traveled from New Orleans to hear you). You performed Kanchelli’s ‘And Farewell Goes Out Sighing’, and it was one of the most breath-taking performances I had ever heard, before or since. All this time later, I just wanted to say thank you for that wonderful experience, which I will never forget.
    Take good care,

  3. Hi Derek,
    I had a moment of nostalgia and came across our first recording together and your new works and this site. You look happy and are singing as beautifully as always! Take care of yourself and get in touch if you want! Hugs from Ted

  4. Dear Derek,
    I thought of you, and your incomparable voice, last night at a wonderful, small-house production of Handel’s Alcina, directed by a wonderful young director, R.B. Schlather at WhiteBox Art Center in New York.
    Just wanted to say thank you, love listening to you, must have listened to your Vivaldi Cantate countless times!

  5. Ascoltando Mr.Ragin mi sono avvicinata al mondo dell’opera barocca. E per questo non smetterò mai di ringraziarlo! Silvia

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